Do people really blog from their phones

I completed the 2014 survey recently, commenting that no one in their right mind would use WordPress on their mobile phone. This morning
I’m giving it a second chance.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that once you type a sentence of more than a certain length you can’t see what you’re typing. Maybe it’s fixed itself, maybe not. It could be related to where you are on the screen.

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bobbing wide on

We at bobbing wide are very keen on WordPress websites. So much so that we offer special websites which we call Wonder of WordPress websites. Look at the “blog rolls” below to find some samples of our work and understand more about these websites.

WordPress sites built using the software from are are different from websites hosted on

What the differences might be is difficult to explain. So we’ve created this site in order to allow a fair comparison.

We think that if you want a “proper” WordPress website then you should have your own. And a Wonder of WordPress website has many advantages over an out of the box site.

But we also believe that there may be things that you can do using which are better than Wonder of WordPress websites… where better than could be one or more of the following:

easier to use,¬†easier to manage, more likely to be found, easier to integrate with your social networking. ¬†Until we’ve invested the effort in finding out we won’t really know.



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